Corporate Events


The Arlington Estate is a high-end event venue that has quickly become the new standard in the luxury event industry.

Choosing to host your company’s corporate events here, whether a holiday party, product launch, or networking event, will provide a unique opportunity to put your brand on full display against an unrivaled setting.

Expansive Event Grounds


The Arlington Estate event grounds are a manicured expanse that can be converted for any outdoor event or activity you choose.

Set up tents, chairs, tables, or whatever else you prefer, and let your guests and employees mingle, plan, or network. The auto industry, in particular, is a big fan of these types of venues since it is easy to set up and display the latest and greatest in a company’s vehicles.

Innovative Audiovisual Delivery


When it comes time for the main presentation of your corporate event, it’s important to be able to deliver your message in a way that captivates and engages your audience.

Audiovisual technology, from speakers to projectors to screens to so much more, plays a central role in how presentations can impact listeners. The Arlington Estate is pleased to offer a partnership with bb Blanc, a leading live event company that specializes in using the latest and greatest in AV equipment in its goal of “Creating Event Magic”. Whether you need dramatic effects or subtle mood influences, bb Blanc can create complete and unique experiences of sound, lighting, and video. Upon any booking at The Arlington Estate, bb Blanc will reach out to your company in order to begin the planning process for your event.

Customizable Interior


The event rooms within The Arlington Estate feature expansive, high-ceiling settings that are free of any partition walls or pillars.

Feel free to make use of this large space in its entirety or take advantage of our modular position bars to arrange and divide the space as you see fit. If your corporate event includes a way for guests and employees to kick back and let their hair down, please note that our dance floor is similarly customizable. This belief in giving clients full freedom in planning extends to our fully customized menu and bar packages, with premium bottle service for the richest experience possible. Our dedicated maître d’ and experience manager will work with you to plan out the full scope of the guest experience so you can stay involved throughout every step of the process.

A Dedicated Venue


The Arlington Estate features an East & West Wing. Both wings are completely separate from each other with private entrances, lobby, washrooms, terraces and bars, so you will never need to worry about sharing your space with another event. The wings are also completely soundproof with absolutely no partition walls, so you can say goodbye to any outside distractions.

One of the more unique elements of The Arlington Estate’s design is that the kitchen runs right down the middle of the two wings creating complete separation. Not only does this eliminate the need for partition walls, it also enables our chefs to serve the selected menu faster and affords better handling and temperature control. Few venues can offer this kind of dedicated design and opportunity.

Regardless of your designs, The Arlington Estate will be able to provide the dedicated service and focused support you need to flawlessly fulfill the event.