Weddings and Social Events


Bring family and friends together for a momentous day against the luxurious backdrop of The Arlington Estate.

Our manicured event grounds, ceremony gardens, 1.5-acre pond, and walking paths provide scenic, high-end locales that can be turned into amazing outdoor wedding arrangements. Alternatively, you can make use of our Heritage House as the on-site chapel for an indoor ceremony or the event space that makes up the main building. This is your big day, and The Arlington Estate will be at your full disposal to arrange the finest wedding ceremony and reception that will leave a truly memorable and fantastic legacy.

Expansive and Grand


The Arlington Estate has been designed to give a truly outstanding experience at the height of luxury.

Enjoy 20-foot ceilings, glass doors and windows that open up to your private terrace that overlooks the pond and event grounds, above and underground parking, a private helicopter pad, and much more. Whether you are making use of our authentic wood-fired pizza ovens, choosing from our exclusively designed selection of table linen and napkins, or enjoying the amenities of our luxurious hospitality suite, you will see that every inch of The Arlington Estate has been dedicated to providing only the most upscale of experiences.

Full Service, Full Experience


Every aspect of The Arlington Estate is designed to serve the needs of any wedding party. Modular bars allow interior spaces to be adjusted and customized to any floor plan, and the modular dance floor can be similarly altered for full personalization.

Dinner menus and bar packages are fully customizable, and our dedicated maître d’ will serve as your guide throughout the meals and our premium bottle service bar selection. Our experienced staff is on hand to work collaboratively with you to find out what your ideal vision of the wedding or other event will be and then to bring that vision to life.

Dedicated Venue


The Arlington Estate features an East Wing & West Wing, and you and your guests will have full access to whichever side you choose.

Each wing features its own dedicated private entrance, washrooms, lobby, terrace and bar, so there is no need to worry about having to share services with other events. Since the event rooms are soundproof, your event essentially takes place within its own independent world, free of distractions from outside affairs as guests enjoy themselves and become awash in the festivities.

The kitchens are located directly in the middle of the Estate and are located between the two wings. This allows for unparalleled handling and temperature control as our chefs are able to serve the selected menu faster. As a bonus, this design also eliminates the need for partition walls that might get in the way. Few other venues provide this level of dedicated design and service.

High-End Audiovisual Providers


The Arlington Estate has a partnership with bb Blanc, an award-winning, live event production company that specializes in the latest in audiovisual technology.

bb Blanc is dedicated to “Creating Event Magic” and has built the most advanced sound, lighting, and video equipment into The Arlington Estate. Upon booking with us, bb Blanc will reach out to you and set up a personalized, on-site consultation that will help you plan out the lighting, sound, video, entertainment, and more.