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Frequently asked

What is the minimum and maximum capacity of each room?

The East Wing: 80 - 165 people & The West Wing: 200 - 475 people (Minimums vary depending on the month and day of the week)

Does each room have a bridal suite?

Both the East and West Wing have their own private bridal suites.

Will I have access to a safe during my wedding?

Yes, monetary gifts and valuables can be locked in your own safe, with a personal passcode, located in the bridal suite.

How many people fit comfortably at a table?

The Arlington Estate provides the following table types: 66” round (8-10 people), a 72” round (10-12 people), rectangle (8-10 people), square (8-10 people), and oval (8-10 people).

When is the latest the final numbers can change before my function?

Final numbers are due 10 days prior to the function.

When do you typically finalize the menu? If I am providing a choice to my guests, how will you know who gets what the day of?

If you are hosting your wedding with us, the menu is typically confirmed after the menu sampling. Our menu samplings take place at the beginning of the year, and it is the clients’ responsibility to follow up to book this in. If you are providing a choice of main course, you are required to make Place Cards (not Escort Cards) indicating your guest’s name, and meal choice. The meal choices will also be sent with your Master Guest List at the 2 week mark. Please note: this is an upgrade option, additional fees will apply.

What time do my vendors have access to set up my decor and floral?

We open our doors at 9:00 a.m. for vendors to start set up. Please have your vendors check in with our Operations Manager prior to unloading into the building.

What is included with the security fee?

With the Security Service, we include 2 security guards dressed in suits to handle situations that may arise and to ensure the safety of all patrons.

What does it mean when my bar closes 1 hour prior to my “Event End Time”?

When booking with The Arlington Estate, and you have an open bar, your bar is set to close one hour prior to event end time. When the bar closes, the DJ and Lighting Crew are informed to start to slow the party down. The 1 hour buffer time allows your guests to leave the building on their own time. We will never hard stop on your event, and kick guests out. The 1 hour buffer ensures all guests are out prior to the closing hour (8 hours).

Are Charger Plates & Candles included?

Charger Plates and Candles are something your decor company will/can provide you. We offer our Louis Chairs and Luxury Linen for decor purposes, along with our Signature Glassware, Cutlery and China.

What are my Hors D’oeuvres options? Are they served by staff or do guests help themselves from a station?

Our Hors D’oeuvres options will be presented to you 6 weeks prior to your event/wedding. Our kitchen and menu is always evolving. This ensures you have the newest and tastiest options from our kitchen! On the day of, they will be circulating to guests.

Can we upgrade our Wine Selections?

All liquor is required to be purchased under our Liquor License. You will require our Liquor License Number and will purchase/arrange for delivery (delivery time to be confirmed by the Coordinator). Please Note: As a courtesy, The Arlington Estate will not charge any corkage fees, gratuities, service charges, or markups for this service.

How are my guests’ dietary requests handled?

Dietary requests/restrictions are submitted to the Executive Coordinator with your Master Guest List, 2 weeks prior to the Event Date. In order to service these guests properly, we require their name and their seating arrangement. The requests are then submitted to the kitchen for the Head Chef and his team to accommodate on the day of; we try to remain as true to the menu as possible.

Are tables and furniture included in the lobby and on the terrace?

We offer cruiser tables for the lobby and terrace. Additional seating/furniture would be something your decor/rental company would handle.

Can we offer signature drinks to our guests?

Yes, of course. Please ensure the ingredients are offered under your bar package prior to selecting your drinks. We do however ask, no blended drinks, as there are no blenders behind our bars.

How many bartenders will be working my wedding?

This would depend on your guest size. Typically 2 bartenders per bar, unless you are under the minimums of each room.

Is there someone onsite to run the function?

Of course, you have The Arlington Estate Operations Manager and a dedicated Maitre D’ to ensure for a flawless, worry-free event experience.

Do you charge a room rental on top of the per person price?

There is no room rental fee applied unless the minimum guaranteed capacity of the room is not met. In which case, we will eliminate food, drink and labour costs from your price per person and you will pay that fee multiplied by the number of people you are short. (For example: 275 is your minimum, but only 270 confirm, you will pay for 5 people at the discounted rate we set.)

Do we have to provide a meal for our wedding vendors? Is there a discounted rate?

Vendors normally receive a full meal and pay only 65% of the per person price. Please keep in mind, this discount only applies after the minimum adults guaranteed is met.

Do kids receive a modified meal at a discounted price?

At a 50% discount, Kids receive the same antipasto/cocktail choices and dessert as adults. Their first course is typically penne in a tomato sauce, and chicken fingers and french fries as the main entrée. Please keep in mind, this discount only applies after the minimum adults guaranteed is met.

How can I create a floor plan?

If you visit the Floor Plan section of the Website, you will be able to download the PDF version of your Wing. You may draw your layout and send it to our Executive Coordinator who will then draw it to scale for you! A unique feature about The Arlington Estate is that your dining room has Herringbone floors throughout (no carpet) which allows us to create different layouts to choose the size, shape and location of the dance floor, head table, and band/DJ. Alternatively, you can email the Executive Coordinator to ask for some top-pick floor plans to get your creative juices flowing!

How big will my dance floor be?

Because the floor plans are fully customized, the dance floor size can only be determined once the floor plan is created. If you are looking to have a vinyl floor and need a rough price from your vendor, you may contact the Executive Coordinator who will draw a rough floor plan with measurements for you. Please be advised, we only allow Dance Floor Decor and Event Graffiti to vinyl.

What is a SOCAN fee and why do I pay this fee?

The Canadian Government has passed into law on behalf of the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) requiring The Arlington Estate to collect fees and issue licenses on their behalf. The performing rights license act is noted under Tariff Act 8. The fee is charged based on the capacity of each room.

Is coffee/tea served or do the guests go to the bar?

Coffee is served during your dessert, as well as with your wedding cake for late night service. We will have a staff member cutting and serving your cake to guests, accompanied by coffee and tea. These items are also offered at the bar at all times.

Can we allow our guests to park their vehicles overnight at The Arlington Estate the night of the wedding?

Yes absolutely, we don’t want anyone driving under the influence. However, please ensure they come to pick up their cars first thing in the morning, The Arlington Estate opens at 9 a.m.

Is coat check included?

Yes, and it is staffed throughout the evening.

Do you have staging or risers?

Yes. The West Wing offers 5 complimentary risers (4ft by 8ft pieces), and the East Wing offers 3 complimentary risers. They are typically used for the head table, but if there are extras within the Estate that day, we can use them towards the band as well (if you have one). This is decided 2 weeks prior to the Event Date, after final confirmation from the events taking place.

If we bring our own DJ can they use the AV equipment?

Please feel free to ask your DJ to provide their own equipment as nothing at The Arlington Estate is mandatory. If you want to contact bb Blanc to use the AV equipment, then your DJ can plug in (additional fees will apply).

What happens if the power goes out?

Never fear! The Arlington Estate has a full back up power generator to be prepared for any power outage during your Special day, ensuring a flawless event.

Will the walkways be snow free and salted for my Winter Wedding or Event?

Yes! We have installed in-floor heating on the entire driveway into the property, on all the walkways directly around the building and on your private terrace to ensure there is no snow build up around the Estate to enhance the Winter Wedding Experience.

Will there be room for our musicians to transfer up to the terrace and play up there once the ceremony is over?

This is usually decided 2 weeks prior to the Event Date, as the Executive Coordinator needs to ensure there is sufficient space. Usually it is not a problem!

How many seats will you provide for the outdoor ceremony? What do the chairs look like?

We provide up to 400 seats. The chairs are a beautiful white folding chair, with white seat cushions.

Can we decorate the Pergola at the Ceremony Site? Is there a charge to do so?

Yes, you may decorate the Pergola at no extra charge. However, please refrain from using anything that will harm the wood (i.e. nails, staple guns, etc.) and ensure your decor/floral vendor strikes/cleans their set up afterward. The pergola dimensions are: 12ft deep, 16ft wide, 10ft tall. Please note, if your Decor Company is decorating the Pergola, they are responsible to remove any and all decorations immediately following the end of the ceremony.