The Arlington Estate

Floor plans


Prepare to be transported. The Arlington Estate is like nothing you have ever experienced. Our Estate offers privacy, romance, natural beauty and so much more. Come and explore the possibilities.

The Floor Plan

Floorplan of the entire estate
Space details
Room / Wing Square Foot W x l Ceiling height Dining with dance floor Cocktail reception
The East Wing 2,850 sq ft 50 ft x 57 ft 18 ft 175 300
The East Wing Lobby 1,000 sq ft 18 ft
The East Wing Terrace 450 sq ft 30 ft x 15 ft
The West Wing 6538 sq ft 79.25 ft x 82.5 ft 20 ft 475 800
The West Wing Lobby 2,500 sq ft 20 ft
The West Wing Terrace 2,600 sq ft 130 ft x 20 ft
1856 Heritage House 1,014 sq ft Main Floor
26 ft x 39 ft
18ft (Vaulted)
416 sq ft Mezzanine
26 ft x 16 ft
10ft (Vaulted)
1856 Heritage House Lobby 800 sq ft 10 ft
1856 Heritage House Terrace 243 sq ft 27 ft x 9 ft

Capacity figures do not account for head tables, dance floors or audio-visual requirements and the final set-up number is subject to fire Marshal approval.

3D Tour: Explore The Arlington

Key features
  • Features two totally separate event spaces, the West and East Wing
  • Private carport, entrance and lobby
  • Private restrooms and coat check
  • Fully soundproof lobby and event space
  • Private outdoor terrace that overlooks the pond and event grounds
  • No partition walls or pillars
  • Premium bar selections
  • Luxurious hospitality suite
  • State of the art kitchen
  • Glass doors and windows on south facing walls
  • Modular bars, positioned perfectly to suit your customized floor plan
  • Fully customized Menu
  • Strategically built-in advanced sound, lighting and video equipment by award winning entertainment company, bb Blanc
  • Climate-controlled underground delivery entrance
  • Dedicated underground freight elevator

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