The Arlington Estate
Floor plans

Heritage House

The heritage house is beloved at The Arlington Estate, featuring a beautiful wood herringbone floor, bright natural light streaming from above and a private terrace.

The Floor Plan

Heritage House Chapel Floorplan
Space details
Room / Wing Square Foot W x l Ceiling height Dining with dance floor Cocktail reception
1856 Heritage House 1,014 sq ft Main Floor
26 ft x 39 ft
18ft (Vaulted)
416 sq ft Mezzanine
26 ft x 16 ft
10ft (Vaulted)
1856 Heritage House Lobby 800 sq ft 10 ft
1856 Heritage House Terrace 243 sq ft 27 ft x 9 ft

Capacity figures do not account for head tables, dance floors or audio-visual requirements and the final set-up number is subject to fire Marshal approval.